Creating a Life of Value and Equality

Project LOVE Chicago was founded to create a “Life of Value and Equality” for minorities in underfunded communities in Chicago. Chicago faces a complex set of problems that stem from lack of adequate opportunities and resources for minorities. While many Americans flock to big cities like Chicago to find good jobs and desirable living; these opportunities remain disproportionately out of reach for Chicago’s black residents. 

Project LOVE Chicago will prepare minorities with critical employment skills, helping lower unemployment rates within minority communities while simultaneously increasing employment rates. Project LOVE Chicago’s program outreach will put children on a path towards success and help lower prison population rates amongst minorities. Getting in front of children at an early age will also help us better prepare them for occupational opportunities that pay higher wages. 


Breaking the poverty cycle

Project LOVE Chicago strives to break the cycle of poverty, decrease violent crimes, and increase youth academic outcomes. We do this by providing academic, employment, and athletic resources to vulnerable black populations throughout the Chicago area. Our programming is aimed at helping prepare black individuals with academic support resources and critical job training skills to build wealth in black communities and close the racial and ethnic wealth gap in Chicago.


Equity and diversity for all

To create equity and diversity across all job sectors, helping spark change and create better opportunities for our future.

Ready to help us reach our goals?

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